Coleraine at 50 Updates

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Ulster University unveils ‘Towards Tomorrow’- a public art project to mark its 50th anniversary in Coleraine

Designed by and for the local community under the direction of local visual artist Sara Cunningham-Bell, ‘Towards Tomorrow’ reflects Ulster University’s unique and continued contribution to the local area.

1 July 2019


Guy L Wilson Daffodil Garden

As part of the Coleraine at Fifty celebrations, Library staff have put together an online exhibition of material relating to the Guy L Wilson Daffodil Garden on the campus.

29 May 2019


Ulster University finish runners up in All Ireland University Judo Championships

The Judo Club were very successful hosts of the All-Ireland University Judo Championships with players competing from all the major tertiary education establishments in Ireland.

21 March 2019

Civic Contribution

Music is the golden thread that runs through us all

The Coleraine Staff Community Choir has grown remarkably since its first year and are performing at a number of events that are coming up this year.

27 February 2019

Civic Contribution

Ulster University launches creative learning space on the Coleraine campus

Ulster University has launched a new creative learning space on the Coleraine campus for our students, staff and local community.

1 February 2019


Project Gold underway at the Riverside Theatre

This year the Riverside Youth Theatre has been working closely with two local heritage groups – the Mountsandel Heritage and Discovery Group and the North Coast Armada Connection. The children and young people will perform two original pieces of theatre around these themes, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of their local area through creative arts.

22 January 2019

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Into Our Past - Event at Coleraine Campus

As part of the 50 year anniversary celebrations, members of the local community were invited to the Coleraine campus to discover more about our 9,000 year old history from the Mesolithic to more recent times.

29 October 2018

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Community Day Out on the Coleraine Campus

As part of the Coleraine at 50 celebrations, the local community was welcomed to the campus for a range of fun activities for all the family, showcasing all the great facilities on offer including our state-of-the-art sports facilities and the Riverside Theatre.

3 October 2018

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'Early Years' Reunion at Ulster University, Coleraine.

As part of the Coleraine at 50 celebrations the first students/graduates and staff from 'The Early Years' (1960's – 1970's) were invited to a reunion to catch up, reminisce and celebrate their time at Coleraine.

21 September 2018

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Thanks for the memories

Jennifer Griffin, daughter of first Vice-Chancellor Dr Alan Burges and his wife Evelyn, recently visited the Coleraine campus with her cousin Elizabeth Farley from New South Wales, Australia

21 September 2018

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Parkinson’s UK Causeway Coast Challenge

Saturday 8 September was a busy day on the Coleraine Campus with the Parkinson’s UK hikers joining the Early Years delegates to mark the 50th celebrations of the Coleraine Campus.

19 September 2018


Ulster University lands at the Air Waves Festival

STEM Village had a successful landing at this year’s Air Waves Festival in Portrush and Ulster University was one of a number of interactive, fun and engaging exhibitors to attend the event.

12 September 2018