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UUEPC Autumn Outlook 2018: 'Different dynamics - record breaking jobs but challenging times ahead'

Overview of Local Government Community Plans and Links to the Programme for Government

UUEPC Winter Outlook: 'Global trade winds, local headwinds'

Knowledge Economy: 'Identifying our location. Defining our destination. Estimating our arrival.'

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UUEPC Summer Outlook: 'Better than expected, less than needed'

Skills Barometer 2017: 'Skills in Demand'

Consumption led growth in an era of squeezed incomes

The North West City Region Challenges and Opportunities of Brexit

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Inactivity Discussion Paper

Understanding Productivity in Northern Ireland

Knowledge Economy Report

UUEPC Winter Outlook 2016: 'The Potential Impacts of Brexit'

Further Education Outcomes

Competitiveness Scorecard for Northern Ireland

Cost of Division

UUEPC Spring Outlook 2016: 'A finely balanced recovery'

Measuring the economic impact of a reduced rate of Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland

Skills Barometer 2016: 'Skills in Demand'

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UUEPC: Autumn Outlook 2014: 'Contrasting Fortunes in the Public & Private sectors'

UUEPC: Spring Outlook 2014: 'Will the recovery last'

Small Business Rates Relief

Research Collaborations


UUEPC: Winter Outlook 2013: 'First Steps to Recovery'