Brexit Q&As for Students

Common questions answered on the implications of Brexit for students.

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The UK Government triggered Article 50 on 29th March 2017, which provided a two year period, until 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019 to agree a withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU.  In April 2019, this was extended to Thursday 31st October 2019.  On 28th October 2019, the EU granted the UK Government a further extension to agree a Brexit Withdrawal Deal until 31st January 2020.  This extension date is termed as flexible, meaning that if a deal is agreed before this date, the UK can officially leave the EU sooner.

The below answers initially made reference to the date the UK leaves the EU which was initially Friday 29th March 2019, however this is now replaced in the responses below by the term 'exit day' which is now Friday 31st January 2020, however may be subject to change if a withdrawal deal is agreed prior to this date.