Brexit Q&As for Research

As the UK leaves the EU at the end of March, Ulster University believes that it is more important than ever that we and our respective partner universities can continue to work together on our valued partnerships and collaborations.

The UK Government made a strong commitment in its white paper – The Future Relationship between the UK and the EU - to strengthen research collaboration links and has taken subsequent steps to underwrite EU research funding. This commitment is further set out in a technical notice for the event of the UK leaving the EU with no deal in place.  In this scenario it is the intention that UK Universities will be able to apply and participate in EU research grants as Third Countries with funding provided from the UK Government, according to the underwrite guarantee.

If you are unable to find a response below, have any further queries or wish to communicate to us about Brexit and how Ulster University can better support you, please email

Please note that the answers will be updated on a regular basis and a number of queries are currently in the process of being researched and will be added once confirmation received.

The end of the transition period as the UK leaves the EU is the 31 December 2020.