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About Jasmin Winiarski

When did you start taking an interest in art?

From the youngest age, we are being taught to draw and doodle, basically communicate through art and I suppose the desire to communicate through images never died within me.

What course have you studied or currently studying?

Right now, I'm studying Interaction Design. It's a great course, I love the fact how it combines art and technology so well. I don't think there's any other course I would enjoy as much as this one.

Who or what inspires your art?

I believe that there's a story to everything. I can get inspired by the most random things but knowing art history definitely helps. It can sound so cheesy, I know. I can get an idea for an image from something someone said to me.

What do you hope people take from your work?

Of course I would like to evoke some sort of emotional reaction from people, or to make the question come to life in certain situations. But most of all it's giving them the possibility to buy art and knowing that they hang it up at home and just look at it in the morning while enjoying the first sip of coffee. Nowadays people can fill their homes with art without spending a crazy amount of money. That's why Unique is so great, there's something for everyone in here.

Do you have any other interests?

Art is such a big part of my life, that's why it's important for me to sometimes take a break from it and focus on something else. I'm getting more and more interested in computer science and psychology, as I can use that knowledge in interaction Design, but in my free time I love to travel and try to stay fit, so morning runs with my dog are a constant.

What is your favourite memory of Ulster University?

I discovered my passion for Interaction Design here  at Ulster University, for which I'll always be grateful, but its the memories I make with all the people I've met here that'll stay with me.

I'm from Luxembourg so meeting new people in a setting so different from what I'm used to was scary at first, but I've definitely made friends for life.

What is next for you creatively?

Right now I want to finish my degree and I am currently working on my Portfolio Website, which will hopefully lead to some freelance jobs and fun projects.

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Jasmin Winiarski - Illustrations

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