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About Donal Ronayne

When did you start taking an interest in art?

No Idea. Probably since the womb! (Thanks Mum, Thanks Dad!)

What course have you studied or currently studying?

I studied geographical information systems at masters level. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend the course. A shout-out to my Tutor Paul McKenzie! Thank you for your patience Paul.

Who or what inspires your art?

Curiosity, procrastination, @palletfurnalia on Instagram, on the web... but honestly, I'm most inspired by Harry. He always believed in me and contributed immensely in my start-up quest. I called the company ReddingWood, after the red hue that the sanded pallet wood takes on in certain light at this longitude on particular times of the year. Harry taught me that.

What do you hope people take from your work?

I hope they take just some of the joy that I experienced whilst working on the art in my shed. I hope the simplicity of each item is appreciated and understood an that it resonates with folk in this increasingly complicated world. The sense of wonder while using the element of fire in my art is also something I hope people take from my work. In summary, I hope they take a burning sense of simple joy... and a ReddingWood business card.

Do you have any other interests?

Other than my sole interest in completely focusing fully on the development of my new start-up company, ReddingWood... not really, no. With of course, the exception of football... both watching and playing... and the odd glass of wine, maybe a little bit of martial arts training every now and then, watching TV shows and movies, a couple of ciders here and there, family life and all its joys, vodka, photography fungi, absorbing geopolitics, gin, travelling up and down to Dublin to see the extended family and to Spain to see the other extension, a few lunchtime beers, DIY, a couple more drinks, hanging with the fabulous Unique staff... the list is endless really.

What is your favourite memory of your time at Ulster University?

Its got to be the time on the train to Coleraine. It was a sunny day. I was tagging @rogue_agencies in a @valentines_little_stars post when I got a call from my marketing manager Niallo @socialsearchmarketing, to say that has gone live. I immediately contacted Fuzi. His response was, to forget about the phone holders. Deep down I could sense he was genuinely concerned but my 6th sense was telling me, he was wrong. His phone was sitting in a ReddingWood phone holder as we spoke. Needless to say, I ignored his advise and the rest is history.

What is next for you creatively?

Probably the expansion of the shed, into an all-singing and all-dancing workshop which, will open up new doors to bigger and better and more exciting new art projects. Creatively I'm stifled in the shed. I'd like to unstifle myself creatively. Did I mention ReddingWood? My marketing manager Niallo @socialsearchmarketing said that I should.

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Donal Ronayne - Sculptures

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