Our Artists

Amy Mackle - Ceramics

Amy Mackle

Amy is a maker of installations and Illustrator of porcelain based on the shores of Carlingford Lough, Ireland

Anna Smyth - Ceramics

Anna Smyth

Anna's work is spontaneous, emotive, triggered by a thought or event, or by an atmosphere in which there is a sensory stimulus.

Caroline Stokesberry-Lee - Jewellery

Caroline Stokesberry-Lee

Caroline Stokesberry-Lee is an Irish jewellery designer, working from her studio in Belfast. She trained at Ulster University, and Waylands Forge Silversmiths and Jewellery School in Dublin.

Charlie Maxwell - Animation & Illustration

Charlie Maxwell

Charlie is an illustrator, animator and writer who creates work using traditional and digital media.

Claire Mooney - Jewellery

Claire Mooney

Claire is a jeweller, silversmith and artist based near Annalong. Rural life and the landscapes where she grew up have a strong influence on her practice.

Claire Skelton - Jewellery

Claire Skelton

Claire trained in silversmithing and jewellery in Belfast and Finland. Her designs are drawn from her artwork that explores the value of the sentimental jewellery of the past, transforming it into contemporary pieces for the future.

Clare Nicholl - Ceramics

Clare Nicholl

Clare is fascinated by materials and processes, She employ's the technique of casting to explore juxtapositions of form, texture and colour.

David McComiskey - Ceramics

David McComiskey

David is the former Ulster University's Ceramist in Resident. He studied Contemporary Arts and is now a studio potter based in Belfast, NI.

Debbie Montgomery - Prints

Debbie Montgomery

it’s been Debbie's dream to fully support herself using her art. Now she is in the early stages of making that a reality with her cards, prints and custom portraits.

Donal Ronayne - Sculptures

Donal Ronayne

Donal's work was inspired by a large quantity of wooden blocks that remained after building a barn. He was determined to use the blocks in some way.

Ellen Nesbitt - Ceramics

Ellen Nesbitt

Ellen's love of mixing and casting materials allows her to create work that will always have a unique touch as no singular piece reveals the same outcome.

Jasmin Winiarski - Illustrations

Jasmin Winiarski

Jasmin is a UX/UI and Graphic Designer, but most days she just enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Jordain Molloy Gillen - Jewellery & Illustration

Jordain Molloy Gillen

Jordain is an artist, designer and Illustrator. Jordain conveys a lot of feelings, emotions and experiences within his work.

Joy Gray - Sculptures

Joy Gray

Joy predominately works with wire, and various metals to capture the wild, resilient nature of urban birds and windswept trees.

Katie Ireland - Illustration

Katie Ireland

Katie Ireland is a Belfast-based art student and illustrator of Belfast Landmarks and buildings.

Megan Kernohan - Painter

Megan Kernohan

Megan is a painter from coastal town Drains Bay. Her work is inspired by her experience with encephalitis and her connection to nature.

Natasha Rollinson - Jewellery

Natasha Rollinson

Natasha encapsulates elegance through modern simplicity and traditional craftsmanship.

Rachel Leary - Ceramics & Jewellery

Rachel Leary

Rachel Leary's ceramic practice concentrates on her fascination to explore the properties and potentials of the clay material.

Rebekah McBride - Illustration

Rebekah McBride

Rebekah McBride is a Belfast based Artist, Graphic Designer, Painter and Maker.

Sharon Regan - Ceramics

Sharon Regan

Why clay? Sharon loves the way it feels, the squidge of the wet clay, then finally animating, bringing out the character/personality of my subjects.

Stephen Dow (heraldBLACK) - Printmaker

Stephen Dow (heraldBLACK)

Stephen is an artist and printmaker based in East London. Stephen graduated from the Belfast School of Art, working first as a textile print assistant with John Rocha in Dublin.

Zoe McSparron - Painter

Zoe McSparron

Zoe is a painter based in Derry and Belfast, currently completing BA Fine art at Ulster University, Belfast. Zoe works from personal experience and feelings, with her current work based on a trip to Malawi.

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