Our Artists

Amy Mackle - Ceramics

Amy Mackle

Amy is a maker of installations and Illustrator of porcelain based on the shores of Carlingford Lough, Ireland

Anna Smyth - Ceramics

Anna Smyth

Anna's work is spontaneous, emotive, triggered by a thought or event, or by an atmosphere in which there is a sensory stimulus.

Charlie Maxwell - Animation & Illustration

Charlie Maxwell

Charlie is an illustrator, animator and writer who creates work using traditional and digital media.

Claire Mooney - Jewellery

Claire Mooney

Claire is a jeweller, silversmith and artist based near Annalong. Rural life and the landscapes where she grew up have a strong influence on her practice.

Clare Nicholl - Ceramics

Clare Nicholl

Clare is fascinated by materials and processes, She employ's the technique of casting to explore juxtapositions of form, texture and colour.

Donal Ronayne - Sculptures

Donal Ronayne

Donal's work was inspired by a large quantity of wooden blocks that remained after building a barn. He was determined to use the blocks in some way.

Jordain Molloy Gillen - Jewellery & Illustration

Jordain Molloy Gillen

Jordain is an artist, designer and Illustrator. Jordain conveys a lot of feelings, emotions and experiences within his work.

Katie Ireland - Illustrations

Katie Ireland

Katie Ireland is a Belfast-based art student and illustrator of Belfast Landmarks and buildings.

Natasha Rollinson - Jewellery

Natasha Rollinson

Natasha encapsulates elegance through modern simplicity and traditional craftsmanship.

Rachel Leary - Ceramics & Jewellery

Rachel Leary

Rachel Leary's ceramic practice concentrates on her fascination to explore the properties and potentials of the clay material.

Rebekah McBride - Illustration

Rebekah McBride

Rebekah McBride is a Belfast based Artist, Graphic Designer, Painter and Maker.

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