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Publication of decisions

Information on this page is for guidance only - the only official notification of decisions is that provided by UCAS.

UCAS Track

The UCAS Track website is updated regularly during the day so you can see changes to the status of your application. 

Your UCAS Track account will be updated once a decision has been made on your application. UCAS will send you an email to notify you that your Track account has been updated.

UCAS Decisions for Northern Ireland Universities

You can also view the status of your application to Ulster on the UCAS Decisions for Northern Ireland Universities website.

Please note, this information is normally updated twice per day and we encourage you to use UCAS Track wherever possible.

Guidance notes

These guidance notes are intended to help you understand the information regarding Ulster University decisions which appears on the UCAS Decisions for Northern Ireland web pages. 

This is illustrated by the following example:

Institution Code UCAS Personal ID Course Description Offer Decision
UU 1053247798 N100 BSc Hons Business Studies CF Decision Pending

Column 1: Institution Code
This denotes the university/college which offers the course

Column 2: UCAS Personal ID

This is the UCAS Personal ID contained on all correspondence from UCAS. Please check the accuracy of this number carefully.

Columns 3 and 4: Course/Description
These columns show the UCAS course code and title of the course. All courses applied for at Northern Ireland institutions will be listed.

Column 5: Offer
This indicates the status of your application in July and may be:

  • UF (Unconditional Firm)
  • UI (Unconditional Insurance)
  • CF (Conditional Firm) 
  • CI (Conditional Insurance)

Column 6: Decision
This shows the current status of your application.