Consumer Management and Food Innovation

Date and Time

Wednesday 21 April 2021

05:30 PM

The Speaker

Amy Burns

Amy Burns

Senior Lecturer
Department of Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt

Consumer Management and Food Innovation

About this talk

Making Sense of Our Senses - The Magic of Multisensory Eating and Drinking

Have you ever wondered why bacon and eggs, or cheese and pickle are the perfect combination? Who thought peanut butter would taste great with jam? The pleasure we get from eating and drinking is the sum of all the sensory experiences we have from appearance, aroma, taste, texture and sound. But on top of this is the importance of food pairings. Who thought of putting together a thing that grows underground with something that swims in the sea? We can’t be certain but that’s how we got fish and chips.  This workshop will stimulate your taste buds and open your mind to new food combinations.

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Developing leaders for the food industry and education.

Full-time Undergraduate course

Year of entry: 2021/22

Coleraine campus

UCAS code: N980

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