Prepare for A New Chapter

Support and signposting for you during campus return and transition.

As we look forward to a return to learning on all our campuses, and the opening of our new Belfast campus, we particularly want to support and signpost those of you who will be making a campus transition during the next academic year to start to prepare to do this as easily and smoothly as possible.

Explore your travel to campus options

We have been working with key external partners such as Translink, the Department for Infrastructure and Sustrans on planning for and promoting as preference, sustainable and stress-free means of travel to our new Belfast campus.

Our new Belfast campus is ideally located for public transport access by both bus and rail.  We will be partnering with Translink to promote the full range of their travel planning support options for our students transitioning to our new Belfast campus.

For those of you who want to plan ahead on accessing our new Belfast campus via public transport, detail of routes, timetables and ticketing options can be found on the Translink website.

In his video (below), Translink CEO Chris Conway offers additional information on utilising public transport to access our campuses and shares information on Translink engagement opportunities for journey planning and details of a new University shuttle bus service.

The shuttle bus service will operate between University Square and our new Belfast campus via Great Victoria Street and Yorkgate Station.  The service will operate every 10 mins during peak periods and every 15 mins during off-peak periods throughout the day.  It will address the last leg journeys for students using public transport, as well as connecting to student residential areas in the south of the city.

Explore your student accommodation options

You may also be starting to consider your accommodation options for the next academic year.  Applications are now open for our on-campus or campus-affiliated student accommodations at all four of our campuses.

Help us tell the story

Over the coming months we will be developing and releasing a range of student-centric digital resources that will support you to get to know our new Belfast campus, and to take full advantage of all the all the other transformative initiatives that will contribute to a new chapter for your student and campus experience at Ulster University.  Could you help us tell the story as a new chapter unfolds?

If you are an Ulster University student who might be able to volunteer some of your free time to perhaps appear in a video, narrate an animation, or share your personal experience of a new chapter unfolding for you during the 2021-2022 academic year with your fellow students, please email to find out about the variety of ways you can get involved in the co-creation of student resources.

Supporting you

The University’s Student Wellbeing team is ready and on-hand to support any student who may need any form of assistance to prepare for and be ready to embrace a new chapter for your student and campus experience at Ulster University.

Including those students who need to plan for transitioning into our new Belfast campus, or those who will need support to return to campus.

Your questions

We recognise that you may have some practical considerations that will need addressed to help you be ready for, and supported to, make the most of a new chapter for your student and campus experience.

We have been building here, a dynamic repository of useful 'need to know' information that will empower you to embrace a new chapter as it unfolds.

There is a range of student-orientated frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responses that will give you the knowledge you need to plan and prepare.

Topics include:

In this section

Campus Related FAQs

Read answers to questions about your campus.

Dual Campus Learning FAQs

These FAQs will provide some useful information on any dual campus learning.queries

Transition and General Support FAQs

Read our latest FAQs to help with campus transition queries.

Travel and Transport FAQs

These FAQs will provide useful information on any travel and transport related queries

Digital Timetabling FAQs

Information on timetabling for students at Ulster University.