UU Connects Mentoring Programme

Connecting current students and graduates with those working in industry. It’s time to inspire and be inspired!

Are you a current student or graduate of Ulster University?

Do you want to develop your network and receive career support?

Are you looking for your first job or planning your next move?

Or perhaps you are an experienced professional keen to pass on your knowledge to the next generation?

Why not take part in our mentoring programme where mentors (former students now working in industry, staff and friends of the University) provide one to one support, inspiration and guidance to mentees (current students or graduates) with their career aspirations, and their personal and professional development.

A partnership based on encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust and respect as well as a willingness to learn and share, being part of a mentoring relationship will prove invaluable.

Start your mentoring journey now with UU Connects today!

UU Connects is the new gateway to your UU community wherever you are in the world.

It’s your one stop shop for making connections, expanding your professional network, mentoring and much more. Join now to:

  • Sign up as a mentor or mentee
  • Expand your professional networks
  • Search for contacts by industry, job function, subject studied, year of graduation, location or area of expertise
  • Connect with others; create or join groups and start conversations

UU Connects is open to all students and graduates of UU. Signing up is quick and easy and you can use your LinkedIn or Google account (or for students your UU sign on).

Sign up and start making connections now.

Mentoring in Action

Watch the videos from our mentors and mentees.

Tara Cunningham, being a Mentee Tara Cunningham, being a Mentee

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Tara Cunningham, being a Mentee

Tara Cunningham, being a Mentor  Tara Cunningham, being a Mentor

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Tara Cunningham, being a Mentor

Chris Shannon, why find a Mentor  Chris Shannon, why find a Mentor

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Chris Shannon, why find a Mentor

Holly Neill, Mentee  Holly Neill, Mentee

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Holly Neill, Mentee

Hannah Dunlop, Mentee  Hannah Dunlop, Mentee

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Hannah Dunlop, Mentee

Selina McNally, Mentee  Selina McNally, Mentee

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Selina McNally, Mentee