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A huge thank you to the almost 900 graduates who answered our calls during this year’s telephone engagement campaign. We really appreciate those who took the time to speak with our students, who made donations and pledges to the Student Opportunity Fund, Mind your Mood and pancreatic cancer research, and who agreed to remain connected with the university and offer support with initiatives such as mentoring, event participation and guest lectures and talks for students and fellow graduates.

George McKeague was one of the graduates who took the time to speak to a student:

"I first took part in the alumni chat with students several years ago, and as a result decided to make a small donation every year to the Student Opportunity Fund. This year I had a lovely chat with Alison who is looking forward to her graduation this summer and it brought me back to my own graduation many years ago on the same campus. Although my primary degree was in Physics, I have worked in many different disciplines since then, and I always like to encourage the future alumni to not limit themselves in their career choices. After chatting with Alison, I have decided to make a small increase to my donation as I feel it is so important to try to help everyone to achieve their potential."

Final year student, Alison Borland worked on this year’s campaign and shared her experience:

"This telephone campaign has honestly been one of the highlights of my time at Ulster- I really loved the experience. As a final year student, I wanted to give back to the important projects within the university before graduating this summer and it's been such a pleasure chatting with the alumni, hearing their stories and getting such good advice regarding my own career path. I used to put myself in a box relating to my specific degree, but these conversations have made me a lot more open-minded and excited for my future!"