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One such volunteer is Sarah O’Donnell, who graduated in 2001 with a degree in Applied Languages from our Coleraine campus and has spent more than ten years working in Social Impact for Dell Technologies.  Sarah has been volunteering for several years now and has chosen to give back in various ways including speaking at an alumni event, taking part in a webinar and providing testimonials and content for some of the university’s key campaigns. Below, Sarah shares the reason why she has chosen to remain involved with the university in this way.

Support from graduate volunteers and mentors is so important. It enhances their teaching and learning and the overall student experience and it ensures our students have real life examples of how to carve out a successful career. These are invaluable as they make their way in the world. 

Right across the university, volunteer contribution enables us to deliver a broader, richer programme to students. It strengthens the relationship between the university and industry, and it helps to raise the profile of Ulster University locally and globally. Not only does this support benefit our current students and teams, but it also helps to inspire prospective students and encourage fellow graduates to remain involved with the University.

During the last year, our graduate volunteers have given their time to take part in the following activities:

  • Sharing inspirational career journeys
  • Participating in panel discussions and key-note speaker opportunities
  • Providing case studies and testimonials
  • Delivering talks and participating in webinars
  • Mentoring
  • Offering placement and job opportunities

For all of this, we say thank-you and we would encourage those who would like to give back to the university to get in touch or sign up to UU Connects to find out more about what opportunities are available.