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We are delighted to welcome our most recent Class of 2021 graduates to our global alumni family.

Alongside more than 215,000 Ulster University graduates, they will now take up their place in the wider communities across the globe, building on the solid foundations that life at Ulster has given them.

Like you, during their time at Ulster, they have listened, they have learned, and they have gained lasting friendships and life lessons along the way.

Despite the obvious challenges that studying through a global pandemic has brought, they have risen to the occasion and made us proud.

As they take their first steps on the next part of their journey, we hope you will join us in welcoming them: connect, reach out and share in their success and remind them that their relationship with UU does not end here.

Ulster delivers outstanding research and teaching, encouraging the innovation, leadership and vision needed to help communities at home, and around the world, to thrive.

We encourage you, as our experienced alumni, to help them continue the good work.

There are a wealth of benefits to keeping in touch with YOUR university and I hope you and our newest graduates continue to do so.

As our alumni family continues to grow, we are always looking for new ways to keep you connected and create opportunities to further your involvement in university life. With this in mind, I would like to invite you to join, if you haven’t already done so, our new online global graduate network, UU Connects.

Why not join today and you can:

  • Connect - start conversations with fellow graduates and reach out to offer your support to new graduates.
  • Network - search and connect with members of the Ulster University community.
  • Inspire - share your experiences with current students and provide career development support through our mentoring programme.

If you’re already an active member of UU Connects why not share a message of welcome or support for our new graduates - your experience is just what they’re looking for and it will mean a lot to them.

For all the latest information from the University, keep an eye out for our weekly emails, and read our updates on social media.