Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund Telephone Fundraising Campaign 2021

Find out more about the annual Telephone Fundraising Campaign

Are you confident and out-going?

Do you like to talk?

Are you passionate about the University?

And would you like to earn some money while helping your fellow students?

If the answer is yes, then read on.

The Development and Alumni Relations Office will be running their annual Telephone Fundraising Campaign from 29th May to 20th June 2021 to raise money for the Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund and Pancreatic cancer research.

We are recruiting a team of 35 student callers from all campuses to speak to graduates about their time at Ulster, discuss their experiences since graduation, and ask for a donation.

Due to the current pandemic, this role will require students to work from home.

Applications close at midnight on 18th April 2021.

If you have any questions please contact studentfund@ulster.ac.uk.

The Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund makes an immediate impact on the lives of Ulster’s students. In this academic year we have provided:

  • Academic Opportunity Scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Sport Talent Scholarships to international level sportsmen and women.
  • Academic Excellence Awards to students excelling in their first year academically.
  • Travel Opportunity Scholarships to help students travel across the world either to aid their studies or to use the knowledge and skills provided by their studies to benefit others.
  • Grants to the Library and to Student Wellbeing, increasing provision for all our students.
  • Match-funding for projects on the Ulster Uni Crowdfunding platform.

By working on this telephone fundraising campaign you can help your fellow students fulfil their potential and transform their lives. You can also help our researchers in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Benefits of being a student caller:

  • Earn £8.67 per hour
  • Work from home
  • Receive a reference from the University
  • Use your experience to achieve the Work Experience Builder module for the Ulster Edge Award
  • Make friends with students from across all campuses, subjects and years
  • Receive professional training and develop communication skills which will prepare you for work in just about any industry
  • Boost your CV with different work experience that will set you apart from other students
  • Have the opportunity to speak to Ulster graduates who may be in a position to offer you exceptional careers advice.

Many of the graduates you will speak to really enjoy reliving their university days and like the opportunity to pass on their experience to new students.

One graduate, Peter Coll, who graduated in 1995, is now a Queen’s Counsel – the highest rank of the legal profession. He is very grateful for his time as an undergraduate at Ulster, and believes that this experience was crucial to his career prospects and later achievements.

The phone call he received from student Steven Lowry brought him back in contact with his University and persuaded him to start donating regularly to the Student Fund.

“I decided to give for two reasons.

One is that I am conscious that it is difficult for many students nowadays.

They are under a lot of financial pressure, so I thought it was innovative of the University to run a campaign to support them in achieving their potential.

The second reason is that I have been very taken by the University’s efforts to construct the new Belfast campus. It struck me as a sign of being extremely forward thinking and progressive in trying to be a driver for change in Belfast and further afield.

Donating to the Student Fund is a way of expressing a degree of solidarity with that, the University and the students.”

Two students who worked on a previous Telephone Fundraising Campaign had particularly positive experiences. Gavin Moriarty had such a great chat with alumnus Conor McKernan that Conor offered him an interview for an internship post at his company, Firefly in Lisburn. Gavin was successful at the interview and has thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience gained at Firefly -

“I’m so grateful to Conor for offering me this great opportunity.

Working at Firefly as an intern was an experience I would never have secured had I not been working on the telephone campaign.

I learned so much in my time there which will stand by me when I begin applying for jobs.”

And Genevieve McBride so impressed one graduate (a retired teacher) that he not only decided to donate monthly to the Student Fund but also sent Genevieve a note to encourage her in her desire to become a teacher. As Genevieve says,

“As well as developing my confidence and communication skills, the campaign was a great opportunity for me to engage with alumni, listen to their stories and share their experiences.

When I spoke to Mr Smith we talked at length about how the University had motivated him to become a teacher.

I was encouraged by his words and look forward to pursuing my career ambitions as an Ulster University graduate.”

Applications close at midnight on 18th April 2021. If you have any questions please contact studentfund@ulster.ac.uk.