Sport Talent Scholarship

Nurturing our talented sports people - Read Luke's story

Your gift could fund Sport Talent Scholarships which nurture and develop our most talented young sports men and women so that they can compete at the highest level within their sport.

Scholarships subsidise the high costs of travel to competitive events as well as providing vital services like specialised physiotherapy and sports psychology to enhance performance.

Luke Marshall

2nd year Sport and Exercise Science student

Luke currently represents Northern Ireland, playing for the Knights Wheelchair Basketball team and is aiming to make it as a member of Team GB in the Paralympic Games.

As a wheelchair user the costs involved in his sport are significant. For example additional costs are required when hiring out basketball courts for training and his chair tyres need to be replaced monthly to ensure enough grip to be effective at manoeuvring.

Many games are played in England, requiring flights and bus hire as well as costs to attend training camps for the Great Britain Under 23s squad. Luke is very passionate about his sport and his ambition to succeed is evident.

"Despite my disability, I have always fully participated in and enjoyed all sport alongside my able-bodied friends. This scholarship helps pay for my club fees, cost of flights, new tyres and also helps me save for my dream chair, a lightweight top of the range Elite sports chair. This chair would make it easier to move around the court making me faster and also more manoeuvrable meaning I would have an equal opportunity over my opponents."

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