Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund - Impact

This fund helps students fulfil their potential, realise their ambitions and transform their futures.

Ulster University is a pioneer. We are committed to bringing down the barriers which prevent people with ability and drive, especially those from low income families, from going to university and reaching their potential.

Donations to the Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund help us to foster and develop the sports stars, scientists, creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. In a nutshell, you can help students fulfil their potential and transform their futures.

Unrestricted gifts to the Student Opportunity Fund mean we can respond to developments and identify where your gift can have the most impact at any given time.

Please take a look below to see what scholarships and awards are on offer and the impact these have made on our students.

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Travel Opportunity Scholarship

Enhancing students’ academic experience - Read Priyamvada's story

Academic Opportunity Scholarship

Bringing down the barriers to education - Read Julie's story

Academic Excellence Award

Encouraging ambition and excellence - Read Philippa's story

Sport Talent Scholarship

Nurturing our talented sports people - Read Danielle's story

Ulster University Student Support Fund

Providing emergency support when a student's education is at risk

Supporting the library

Ensuring our learning spaces and resources are up-to-date

Law School Student Fund

Adding value to our students’ academic experience - Padraig's story