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While a great many of our alumni stay close to home in the UK and Ireland, we have substantial numbers of alumni in countries around the world.

Moving to a new city/country can have many challenges; having a network of like-minded individuals to tap into could be both useful and reassuring.

We have developed a number of branches across the world, whereby alumni get together to develop ongoing relationships, networks and friendships - a full list of branches and country contacts is available below.

We continue to explore new areas for such branches where there is a big enough volume of Ulster graduates and interest.

If there is not currently a group based in your region and you are interested in starting one up please get in touch,

Active branches

Bangladesh Branch

Japan Branch

New England Alumni and Friends Branch

New York Branch

Toronto Network

International Ambassadors

Where we do not have a local network/branch we typically have a key contact in the area who will offer advice and guidance to any fellow graduate moving to the area or considering relocating, we typically call them ‘International Ambassadors’.

We have identified a number of these ambassadors in the geographical locations below.  If you are considering relocating to an area where we do not have a contact listed OR if you would like to become an International Ambassador please get in touch via UU Connects.

Northern Irish Connections

Please also register with our partners Northern Irish Connections; a global network that helps connect the thousands of Northern Irish people and friends of NI that are living around the globe.