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The Alumni Relations Office is here to help keep you connected with the University after you leave.

By staying connected we can keep you updated on various events, news, updates and ways to get involved.

We keep in touch with our alumni community in a number of ways:


Our e-newsletter is sent 3-4 times per year, to graduates and friends whom we hold a valid email address for.

This enables us to; keep our alumni informed of the latest news and events at Ulster University and to find out what fellow graduates are doing now.

If you would like to contribute to a future edition please email

If you do not currently receive this newsletter to your preferred email address please complete the 'update my details' section.

Annual magazine - Ulster Graduate

Ulster Graduate is currently posted and/or e-mailed annually to our alumni worldwide and we also make it available here on our website.

In order to help reduce costs and of course improve our environmental footprint we are striving to provide more and more of our alumni with this publication electronically, however we need to understand your preferences.

If you do not currently receive Ulster Graduate, please complete the 'update my details' section and let us know whether you would like to receive our annual magazine:

  • Posted copy
  • Electronic copy
  • No magazine

If you would like to contribute to a future edition please email and we will consider your story, event or announcement.

Previous issues of our annual magazine can be viewed online.

Social Media

If you are already a member of our Alumni community please join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you will find out more about key developments within the University, specific events coming up, job opportunities and much more.

Also within LinkedIn please remember to link your qualification to the University's profile, which has approximately 60 000 connections and therefore a wealth of information and opportunities for online networking.

Class Notes

If you would like your fellow Ulster graduates to know where you are and what you are doing, why not put a small piece in the Ulster Graduate magazine or e-newsletter?  We review and consider all stories.

Please email your message to and we will consider it for one of our future issues.