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We will conduct our annual Telephone Engagement Campaign from May 29 to June 18, 2023. During this period, a team of 30 Ulster University students will call you, our graduates, to discuss their experiences at the University, career advice, and current funding priorities. Graduates can also learn about how they can support the University's work and make an impact.

The calls benefit both the students and the graduates and calling is never just about fundraising – we genuinely hope you’ll enjoy chatting with our wonderful current students about their experiences at Ulster today.

We are so grateful for the time our graduates spend taking the call. Thank You!

What your donations contribute towards

Ulster Graduate, Peter Coll KC Tells of His Experience

Peter Coll KC, started donating regularly to the Student Opportunity Fund following his conversation with Steven, our student caller.

Peter graduated in 1995 with a BA Hons in Government and Law and is now a King’s Council – the highest rank of the legal profession. He is very grateful for his time as an undergraduate at Ulster, and believes that this experience was crucial to his career prospects and later achievements.

"I decided to give because I am conscious that it is difficult for many students nowadays. They are under a lot of financial pressure, so I thought it was innovative of the University to run a campaign to support them in achieving their potential. Donating to the Student Opportunity Fund is a way of expressing a degree of solidarity with that, the University and the students.”

If graduates want to take part or manage the way they are contacted, they can email