Break the stigma around mental health

Our fundraising is empowering our students to break the stigma around mental health.

Mind Your Mood is an award-nominated student-led mental health programme, which is designed for our students, by our students and managed by our Student Wellbeing team.

Mind Your Mood aims to raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health, to build resilience and encourage students to engage and feel confident to talk about their mental health, especially if they are struggling.

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Your support will help

Your support will help

Recent studies state that stress is the top mental health issue facing students (81%), with 26% of young people in the UK experiencing suicidal thoughts.

At Ulster University, we recognise the pressures faced by students in higher education and we work hard to help students to better manage their mental and physical wellbeing.

In addition, we know that the challenges brought about by the pandemic are only exacerbating this issue for many of our students and so this support will be needed more than ever.

Your support will help to further develop this innovative student-led campaign, allowing us to provide more initiatives to support better mental health for our students across all campuses.