The Fund

The Fund

  • enhances the academic experience for students from low income families
  • creates opportunities for life-changing international travel
  • removes the need for students to work part-time to finance their study
  • provides students access to IT equipment through our Library laptop lending scheme.

We believe in enhancing academic experience for those students with ability and drive, especially those from low income families, to have the best academic experience and fulfil their potential.

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“As an asylum seeker coming to Ireland at the age of 14, I have already faced many challenges in my life.

Despite all the significant upheaval and uncertainty, one thing however has remained constant - my desire for an education to make an impact on the world and to build a better future for me and my family.

As I’m ineligible for student finance and not allowed to work part-time, the scholarship this year has made a huge impact.

I was able to buy a computer to access lectures online and carry out my coursework at home. I don’t know how I would have managed this year without the support; it’s helped me keep on track to transform my life.”

BEng Mechanical Engineering Nick Beta

Challenges for students

These unprecedented times present a whole new set of challenges for students and we know the demand for support from those hit hardest will increase

Without such scholarships, many students are required to also hold down a part-time job in order to fund their living costs.

Receiving a scholarship means that the time spent working, can now be spent studying, enhancing their academic experience through extracurricular activities and developing friendships, all of which improves confidence and increases graduate outcomes.