Deaths and Obituaries

Deaths and obituaries of graduates, honorary graduates, staff and friends of the University.

With sadness, Ulster University records the deaths of the following graduates, honorary graduates, staff and friends:

The Development and Alumni Relations Office records the names of the deceased if it has been notified of a person’s death by a verifiable source.

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  • Class of 2010 - 2020
    Class of 2010 - 2020
    Brendan Doherty MSc Computational Intelligence, 2017, Magee
    PGCert Further and Higher Education, 2007, Magee
    MSc Telecommunications and Distributed Systems, 2003, Coleraine
    BENG DIS Electronics and Computing, 2002, Magee
    dec. 21 February 2020
    Lord Brian Kerr of Tonaghmore Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Laws, 2014 dec. 1 December 2020
    Diana Kugaca BSc Hons Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2018, Jordanstown dec. June 2020
    Julie Lewis (nee Maxwell) MPA Public Administration, 2012, Jordanstown dec. 25 August 2019
    Dr. Aaron McConville PhD Computing, Engineering and Built Environment, 2019, Jordanstown
    BSc Hons DPP, Biomedical Engineering, 2015, Jordanstown 
    dec. 3 November 2020
    Siobhan McQuade MFA Fine Art, 2017, Belfast
    BA Hons Fine Art, 2014, Belfast
    BEd Education (Professional Development), 1991, Jordanstown
    dec, 23 September 2020
    Michael McQuillan BSc Hons Business Economics with Marketing, 2019, Jordanstown dec. 11 July 2020
    Malachy McSorley BSc Hons Construction Engineering and Management, 2020, Jordanstown dec. 10 December 2020
    Kirsty Moffett BSc Hons Physiotherapy, 2014, Jordanstown dec. 13 December 2020
    Jade Nelson BSc Hons Psychology, 2019, Coleraine dec. 24 November 2020
    Thomas O'Boyle BA Hons History with Education 2015, Coleraine dec. 18 March 2020
  • Class of 2000 - 2009
    Class of 2000 - 2009
    Gerry Burns Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Laws, 2009 dec. February 2020
    Harry Gregg Honorary Graduate, Doctor of the University, 2008 dec. 21 February 2020
    Lord Brian Hutton Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Laws, 2004 dec. 14 July 2020
    Mr Aminul Islam MA Government Financial Management, 2002, Jordanstown dec. 30 November 2020
    Ted Leath MSc Computing and Design, 2000, Magee dec. 9 September 2019
    Professor Eilís McCaughan DPhil Life and Health Sciences, 2003, Coleraine
    PGD Nurse Education, 1998, Jordanstown
    PGCert University Teaching, 1998, Coleraine
    BSc Hons Nursing Studies for Registered Nurses, 1990, Coleraine
    dec. 6 November 2020
    Mr James McVeigh MA Peace and Conflict Studies, 2003, Magee
    BA Hons Modern Studies in the Humanities, 2000, Jordanstown

    UUSU Sport President 2001-2002
    dec. 26 December 2020
    Dr David Southall PhD Life and Health Sciences, 2013 dec. 15 October 2019
  • Class of 1990 - 1999
    Class of 1990 - 1999
    William Beckett BA Hons Modern Studies in the Humanities, 1993, Jordanstown dec. 2013
    Stephen Clements BSc Hons Geography with DAS,1995, Coleraine dec. 7 January 2020
    Kevin Connolly BSc Dip Computing with DIS, 1995, Coleraine dec. 19 February 2019
    Norman Dickson MSc Education Management, 1994, Jordanstown dec. 14 November 2019
    Damien Doyle MA Fine Art ,1994, Belfast dec. 2010
    Dr Brendan Hegarty Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Science, 1996 dec. 25 September 2019
    Dr Albert Hughes MA Modern and Contemporary History, 1990, Coleraine dec. August 2020
    David Howden Hume Modern and Contemporary History, 1990, Coleraine dec. 13 September 2019
    Professor John Hume

    Honorary Graduate, Doctor of the University, 1998

    Inaugural holder of the Tip O’Neill Professorship from 2002-2009

    dec. 3 August 2020
    Dennis Irwin BA Hons Combined Humanities, 1990, Jordanstown dec. 17 October 2009
    Joseph Kelly Humanities Comb (3 Yrs), 1992, Coleraine dec. 2 November 2020
    Dr Jill McIvor Honorary Graduate, Doctor of the University, 1997 dec. 14 January 2020
    Bishop James Mehaffey Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Letters, 1999 dec. 7 January 2020
    Patricia Moore PGCert Guidance and Counselling,1996, Magee dec. 15 January 2020
    Mrs Orla Quigley (née O'Reilly) PGCert Professional Development in Social Work, 2014, Jordanstown
    BSc Hons Social Administration and Policy, 1998, Coleraine
    dec. 14 December 2020
    Dr Angeline Gabriel Smith MRes Science, 1998, Coleraine dec. 12 August 2019
    Robert Spence MBA, 1991, Jordanstown dec. 17 April 2020
    Dr Eric Sweeney DPhil Music, 1994, Jordanstown dec. July 2020
    Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer Honorary Graduate, Doctor of Science,1991 dec. 14 January 2020
  • Class of 1980 - 1989
    Class of 1980 - 1989
    Aidan Langan MBA International Business, 1988, Jordanstown dec. 12 March 2020
    Dr William McCourt Honorary Graduate: Doctor of Science, 1989 dec. 3 January 2021
    Margaret Treon PGCert Computer Science Education, 1986, Jordanstown dec. 2018
  • Class of 1970 - 1979
    Class of 1970 - 1979
    Bill Dougherty MA, 1973, Coleraine dec. December 2019
    Michael Donnelly BA Fine Art, 1979, Belfast dec. September 2019
    Martin Etchells BSc Hons Science, 1973, Coleraine dec. September 2020
    John W Hedges BSc Hons Social Organisation, 1971, Coleraine dec. 20 January 2021
    Sister Mary Kennedy Cert Teaching Studies for Nurses, 1978, Coleraine dec. February 2020
    John Leslie MSc, 1973, Coleraine dec. December 2019
    Sean Quinn Dip Peace Studies, 1981, Jordanstown dec. December 2010
  • Class of 1969 or earlier
    Class of 1969 or earlier
    Rev John (Con) Auld MA, 1952, Magee/Trinity College Dublin dec. 30 April 2020
    Loretto Coyle Dip Physical Education, 1969, Jordanstown dec. 14 February 2021
  • Staff and friends of the University
    Staff and friends of the University
    Professor Tony Bareham Staff member, School of Arts and Humanities dec. 19 January 2020
    Mrs Hilary Bracefield Staff member, School of Creative Arts and Technologies dec. 22 April 2020
    Wesley Bell Staff member, School of Computing dec. 28 November 2019
    Kevin Connolly Staff member, Information Services Department dec. 19 February 2019
    Dave Hill Staff member and former Head of School, School of Health Sciences dec. 2 November 2020
    Mr Norman Houston OBE Friend and supporter of UU and former Director of NI Bureau in Washington DC, USA dec. 12 January 2021
    Simon Morgan Staff member, Finance Department dec. 19 December 2019
    Professor Eilís McCaughan Staff member, School of Nursing dec. 6 November 2020
    Dr. Aaron McConville Staff member, School of Engineering dec. 3 November 2020
    Professor Peter Morton-Williams Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor dec. May 2018
    Dr Rhona Newman Staff member, School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences dec. 5 March 2020
    Dr Robin Priestnall Staff member, School of Psychology dec. August 2020
    Professor Terence O'Keeffe Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy dec. 30 September 2020
    Professor Aidan O’Reilly Former Provost (Coleraine) and Former Dean of the Ulster University Business School dec. September 2019
    Professor Elaine Thomas Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences dec. January 2019