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Graduates in the Spotlight - July 2017

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Susan Carlisle & Catherine Wells

BSc Hons Occupational Therapy 2017 Jordanstown

Volunteering experience in Sri Lanka inspires Ulster University graduates Susan Carlisle and Catherine Wells.

Source: Ulster University 10/07/17
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Martin Downey

BSc Hons Housing Management 2015 Jordanstown

A desire to work in a role that was people focused led Martin Downey to a position as a Community Involvement Officer.

Source: NI Jobfinder
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Colin Williams

BA Hons Design 1995 Belfast

After studying design at Belfast, Colin worked in advertising and design agencies for seven years before setting up his production company, Inferno.

Source: NI Jobfinder
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Rakia Alouane

BSc Hons Health Physiology 2017 Jordanstown

Ulster University student and international taekwondo champion Rakia Alouane graduates.

Source: Belfast Telegraph
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Niamh Furey

MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics 1998 Coleraine

Niamh Furey, managing director, Fresenius Kabi, Cheshire, UK  'I never expected that I would once again be living in the UK'.

Source: The Irish Times