Staff and Responsibilities


Academic Policy

AdministrativeSupport Staff
Alan Faulkner (24566) Lisa Verner (24520)


FunctionAdministrativeSupport Staff
Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Committee Gary Kendall (23167) Lisa Verner (24520)
Academic Planning Advisory Group Andrea Garland (24562) Rita Dillon (24895)

Programme Approval and Revalidation

FunctionAdministrativeSupport Staff
Evaluation/Revalidation schedule Gary Kendall (23167)  
Servicing panels, preparation of reports, follow-up Gary Kendall (23167)
Andrea Garland (24562)
Ayla Guarino (23328
Brian McArthur (23081)
Karen McCafferty (23040)
Debbie Troy (24050)
Karin Loughlin (23389)
Lorraine Roos (24417)
Jane Simpson (23313)
Rita Dillon (24895)
Training/staff development for members of panels Gary Kendall (23167)  

Course/Subject Management

Regulations Alan Faulkner (24566)
Revisions Andrea Garland (24562)

Files and Archive

AdministrativeSupport Staff
Debbie Troy (24050) Lorraine Roos (24417)

External Examiner Nominations

AdministrativeSupport Staff
Brian McArthur (23081) Lorraine Roos (24417)  


AdministrativeSupport Staff
Brian McArthur (23081) Jane Simpson (23313)

Recognised Teachers

AdministrativeSupport Staff
Ayla Guarino (23328) Karin Loughlin (23389)

Office Business

FunctionAdministrativeSupport Staff
Office management Alan Faulkner (24566) Lisa Verner (24520)
Office financial control/inventory Alan Faulkner (24566) Lisa Verner (24520)
Office publications Alan Faulkner (24566) Lisa Verner (24520)          
Office Web Site  Lisa Verner (24520)
Health & Safety Co-ordinator Gary Kendall (23167)  
Fire Marshalls  Lorraine Roos (24417)
Jane Simpson (23313)