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The Academic Office is responsible for maintaining the official file for each University approved course and undergraduate Honours subject.

The file is archived in the Academic Office  when the programme has been discontinued and no students remain registered.  Files are retained for a period of 20 years after the last cohort of students has completed their studies.

The file includes the original outline proposal, final document, revisions, and Academic Office correspondence.  Sample files are subsequently retained in the University archive.

Routine correspondence is removed following successful validation and before archiving.

Procedures for requesting information from current file or archive

This service is not available for Associate students of external institutions who should consult the institution where they studied.

Staff may have access in person to the file held in the Academic Office.  A small amount of photocopying may be carried out by the Office.

All students receive programme information during their studies and on successful completion an award parchment and a transcript summarising their academic record.  Students are advised in their Course/Subject Handbook that it is their responsibility to retain information about their studies.

Syllabus information from files is only accessible for the last 25 years. Requests for course information from former students must be made on the Syllabus Request Form.

There is a fee for each successful search request (£70.00).

Staff undertake this service on a 'best endeavour' basis and former students should note that it may not be possible to locate all the information requested.  Additional fees may apply in certain circumstances.

Once your request is processed and the information is ready to be forwarded, you will receive an email from the Academic Office requesting you to make payment through the University's Online Store.

Once notification of payment has been received by the Academic office, the information will be forwarded.

Requests for transcripts of academic record only should be directed to the appropriate campus Examinations Office.  (Duplicate transcripts and replacement parchments are available under procedures maintained by the Examinations Office.)

Note: In some cases, applicants may have to request information directly from the relevant Faculty/School.