9 December 2014


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No LTC/14/32a)BSc Hons Architectural Technology and Management
Paper No LTC/14/32b)BSc Hons Optometry
Paper No LTC/14/33Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (26.11.14)
Paper No LTC/14/34Report from Digital Learning Sub-Committee (11.11.14)
Paper No LTC/14/35a)Certificate of Personal and Professional Development
Paper No LTC/14/35b)Postgraduate Certificate of Postgraduate Development
Paper No LTC/14/36External Examiners' Reports 2013/14: Annual Overview Report
Paper No LTC/14/37a)Annual Reports from Chief External Examiners for Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee campuses and responses from the Campus Co-ordinating Groups
Paper No LTC/14/37b)Annual Report on Operation and Management of Combined Subjects in 2013/14
Paper No LTC/14/38Proposals for New Prizes