28 March 2012


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/12/1Jordanstown Campus Co-ordinating Group: Response to Chief External Examiner's Report
Paper No TLC/12/2Campus Co-ordinating Groups: Terms of Reference
Paper No TLC/12/3a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (29.2.12)
Paper No TLC/12/4Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (6.3.12)
Paper No TLC/12/5Review of Business-University Collaboration: The Wilson Review
Paper No TLC/12/6Approval of Affiliate and Associate Colleges and the Validation of Franchised Courses
Paper No TLC/12/7a)BA Hons Fine Art
Paper No TLC/12/7b)MFA Art in Public and MFA Multidisciplinary Design
Paper No TLC/12/7c)Subject Unit 18A: Law
Paper No TLC/12/7d)Subject Unit 28M: Health Professions
Paper No TLC/12/8Prizes