27 March 2013


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/13/1Coleraine Campus Co-ordinating Group: Response to Chief External Examiner's Report
Paper No TLC/13/2a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (27.2.13)
Paper No TLC/13/2bi)Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Paper No TLC/13/2bii)HEA Accreditation of Professional Development Scheme and Postgraduate Certificate in HE Practice
Paper No TLC/13/3Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (21.2.13)
Paper No TLC/13/4a)Evaluation Report for the Strategy 2008/09 - 2012/13:    Executive Summary Critical Friend's Report
Paper No TLC/13/4b)Draft Strategy 2013/14 - 2017/18
Paper No TLC/13/5Regulations for Fast-Track Part-Time Foundation Degrees
Paper No TLC/13/6a)TESOL
Paper No TLC/13/6b)Computing
Paper No TLC/13/6c)Irish
Paper No TLC/13/6d)Nursing (SAAD)
Paper No TLC/13/6e)Advanced Diploma in Money Advice Practice
Paper No TLC/13/7Prizes and Awards