26 March 2014


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No LTC/14/1Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (5.2.14)
Paper No LTC/14/2Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (5.2.14)
Paper No LTC/14/3Examination Arrangements at QA Business School
Paper No LTC/14/4a)Part A: Setting and Maintaining Academic Standards
Paper No LTC/14/4b)Chapter B1: Programme Design, Development and Approval
Paper No LTC/14/4c)Chapter B8: Programme Monitoring and Review
Paper No LTC/14/5a)Revalidation Unit 3F: Food (CAFRE)
Paper No LTC/14/5b)Revalidation Unit 6A2: Communication
Paper No LTC/14/5c)Advanced Diploma in Intelligence Policing
Paper No LTC/14/5d)Proposed Postgraduate Diploma/LLM in Professional Legal Practice
Paper No LTC/14/5e)Revalidation Unit 2A: Photography
Paper No LTC/14/6a)Committee's Remit in Approving Awards
Paper No LTC/14/6b)Proposals for New Prizes
Paper No LTC/14/7Submission of Master's Dissertations