20 June 2016


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No LTC/16/8Grade Point Average Working Group - Terms of Reference and Membership
Paper No LTC/16/9Learning and Teaching Strategy - Interim Review Executive Summary Report
Paper No LTC/16/10Programme Review and Development - Interim Report
Paper No LTC/16/11Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (18.5.16)
Paper No LTC/16/12Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (18.5.16)
Paper No LTC/16/13Report from Digital Learning Sub-Committee (24.5.16)
Paper No LTC/16/14Report from Professional and Continuing Education Sub-Committee (26.4.16)
Paper No LTC/16/15Report from Working Group on Higher Level Skills and Apprenticeships
Paper No LTC/16/16External Examiners - Annual Report on Nomination and Appointment
Paper No LTC/16/17a)BEng Hons/MEng Hons Civil Engineering; BSc Hons Civil Engineering (Geoinformatics)
Paper No LTC/16/17b)Revalidation Unit 26F: Social Work
Paper No LTC/16/18Proposals for New and Amended Prizes
Paper No LTC/16/19Dates of Semesters 2016/17 - 2021/22