20 June 2012


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/12/9BA Hons Fine Art; MFA Art in Public; MFA Multidisciplinary Design
Paper No TLC/12/10a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (31.5.12)
Paper No TLC/12/10b)Joint Board of Moderator's report (6-8 April 2011) and Faculty's response
Paper No TLC/12/10c)ETI Report: Dissolving Boundaries and Faculty's response
Paper No TLC/12/11Report from the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Employability (30.5.12)
Paper No TLC/12/12a)Final report from the Plagiarism Working Group
Paper No TLC/12/12b)Report from the Non-Award Bearing Programmes Working Group
Paper No TLC/12/13Certificate of Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) Annual Report
Paper No TLC/12/14Proposed Postgraduate Continuing Professional Development Framework
Paper No TLC/12/15External Examiners' Reports 2010/11: Annual Overview Report
Paper No TLC/12/16Statistical Data Available to External Examiners and Boards of Examiners
Paper No TLC/12/17Proposed Terms of Reference for the Review of Combined Modular Arrangements
Paper No TLC/12/18Teaching and Learning Strategy: Achievement of Objectives in 2011/12 Action Plan: Central Depts Faculties
Paper No TLC/12/19Course Handbook Template
Paper No TLC/12/20a)Nursing
Paper No TLC/12/20b)BSc Hons Optometry
Paper No TLC/12/20c)BSc Hons Food Nutrition; BSc Hons Human Nutrition - PAPER NOT RECEIVED
Paper No TLC/12/21Prizes
Paper No TLC/12/22Dates of Semesters 2012/13 - 2017/18
Paper No TLC/12/23Terms of Reference and Membership