19 October 2011


Page NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/11/31Non-Award Bearing Activity Working Group
Paper No TLC/11/32Graduate Qualities
Paper No TLC/11/33a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (21.9.11)
Paper No TLC/11/33b)Structure and Naming of Exit Awards at CertHE Level for Students on Combined Degrees
Paper No TLC/11/33c)Summary Report on Activity in 2010/11 and Proposed Schedule of activity for 2011/12
Paper No TLC/11/33d)Schedule to Ordinance XXIX: Recognition of Institutions
Paper No TLC/11/34Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (28.9.11)
Paper No TLC/11/35a)Draft 2011/12 Action Plan [Revised]
Paper No TLC/11/35b)Report from the Critical Friend
Paper No TLC/11/36Centre for Higher Education Practice: Annual Report 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/37Plagiarism Offences: Annual Report 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/38External Examiners: Annual Report 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/39Conferment of Recognised Teacher Status: Annual Report 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/40a)Annual Report 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/40b)Proposals for New prizes
Paper No TLC/11/41a)BEng Hons/MEng Energy and Building Services Engineering Progression
Paper No TLC/11/41b)BSc Hons Computing Systems (Part-Time)
Paper No TLC/11/41c)MEng Mechatronic Engineering + German Masters Degree/MEng Electronic Engineering + German Masters Degree/MEng Mechanical Engineering