19 June 2013


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/13/8Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (30.5.13)
Paper No TLC/13/9a)Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (23.5.13)
Paper No TLC/13/9b)Report on the Ulster Business Festival:  J McCoy J Wallace Corp Communications
Paper No TLC/13/10a)Timetabling
Paper No TLC/13/10b)Review of Modular Scheme for Combined Honours Degrees
Paper No TLC/13/11External Examiner Nomination and Appointment: Annual Report 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/12UK Quality Code for HE, Chapter B3: Learning and Teaching: Commentary      Chapter B3
Paper No TLC/13/13a)Teaching and Learning Strategy: Achievement of Objectives 2012/13: Central Departments Faculties
Paper No TLC/13/13b)Draft Learning and Teaching Strategy (2013/14 - 2017/18)
Paper No TLC/13/14Internationalisation of the Curriculum
Paper No TLC/13/15Research Governance - Policy on Research Involving Human Participants
Paper No TLC/13/16Regulations for Foundation Degrees
Paper No TLC/13/17a)Prizes - No Monetary Value
Paper No TLC/13/17b)Proposals for New and Amended prizes
Paper No TLC/13/18Dates of Semesters 2013/14 - 2018/19
Paper No TLC/13/19Terms of Reference and Membership