17 October 2012


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/12/24a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (19.9.12)
Paper No TLC/12/124b)Summary Report on Activity in 2011/12, outstanding business, and proposed schedule for 2012/13
Paper No TLC/12/24c)The Chartered Institute of Building Accreditation
Paper No TLC/12/24d)Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers Visit: Response to Visit Report
Paper No TLC/12/24e)Paper No TLC/12/24e)
Paper No TLC/12/24f)Architects Registration Board
Paper No TLC/12/24g)Schedule to Ordinance XXIX: Recognition of Institutions
Paper No TLC/12/25Report from the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Employability (20.9.12)
Paper No TLC/12/26Strategy for Employability and Marketing
Paper No TLC/12/27Teaching and Learning Strategy: Draft 2012/13 Action Plan
Paper No TLC/12/28Centre for Higher Education Practice: Annual Report 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/29a)Minor Revision to Definition of Plagiarism
Paper No TLC/12/29b)Annual Report on Plagiarism Offences 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/30a)Annual Reports from Chief External Examiners for ColeraineJordanstown and Magee and Responses from  Campus Co-ordinating Groups for Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee
Paper No TLC/12/30b)Annual Report on Operation and Management of Combined Subjects 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/31External Examiner Nomination and Appointment: Annual Report 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/32Conferment of Recognised Teacher Status: Annual Report 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/33a)Annual Report 2011/12
Paper No TLC/12/33b)Proposals for New Prizes
Paper No TLC/12/34a)Diploma in Foundation English for Academic Purposes
Paper No TLC/12/34b)BSc Hons Nursing Science at DSFC, Jeddah
Paper No TLC/12/34c)BSc Hons Food and Nutrition; BSc Hons Human Nutrition