17 June 2015


TitlePaper Number
Paper No LTC/15/8Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (25.5.15)
Paper No LTC/15/9a)Programme Monitoring and Review: Strategy PaperProgramme Monitoring and Review: Strategy Paper
Paper No LTC/15/9b)Annual Monitoring: Update on Proposed Changes to Process
Paper No LTC/15/10Proposed Commendation Award in Postgraduate Courses
Paper No LTC/15/11Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (20.5.15)
Paper No LTC/15/12a)Report from Sub-Committee on Digital Learning (21.4.15)
Paper No LTC/15/12b)MOOCs and Open Learning: Draft Report
Paper No LTC/15/13Report from Professional and Continuing Education Sub-Committee (28.4.15)
Paper No LTC/15/14Education for Sustainable Development Review Group: Final Report
Paper No LTC/15/15Viva Voce Examinations
Paper No LTC/15/16Deposit of Master's Dissertations of Distinction Standard in the University Library
Paper No LTC/15/17External Examiners: Annual Report on Nomination and Appointment for 2014/15
Paper No LTC/15/18a)Revalidation Unit 1Ac: Accounting
Paper No LTC/15/18b)Revalidation Unit 3C4A: Pharmacy
Paper No LTC/15/18c)Revalidation Unit 26F: Social Work
Paper No LTC/15/18d)NOT RECEIVED
Paper No LTC/15/19Proposals for New Prizes
Paper No LTC/15/20Dates of Semesters 2015/16 - 2020/21
Paper No LTC/15/21Terms of Reference and Membership