16 October 2013


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/13/20a)Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (18.9.13)
Paper No TLC/13/20b) - Report 2012/13Summary Report on Activity in 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/20b) - Schedule 2013/14Proposed Schedule of Activity for 2013/14
Paper No TLC/13/20c)Schedule to Ordinance XXIX: Recognition of Institutions
Paper No TLC/13/21Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (18.9.13)
Paper No TLC/13/22a)Reporting Arrangements
 Appendix 1
Paper No TLC/13/22b)Composition of the Committee
Paper No TLC/13/23Centre for Higher Education Practice: Annual Report 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/24Plagiarism Offences: Annual Report 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/25ai)Mis-Registration of 2012/13 Cohort - Report to Senior Executive Team and Associated Minute
Paper No TLC/13/25aii)Mis-Registration of 2012/13 Cohort - Reports from Faculties on the Implementation of the Solution
Paper No TLC/13/25b)Examination Arrangements
Paper No TLC/13/26a)Annual Reports from Chief External Examiners for Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee and Responses from the Campus Co-ordinating Groups
Paper No TLC/13/26b)Annual Report on Operation and Management of Combined Subjects 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/27Level 5 Contribution to Honours Degree Classification
Paper No TLC/13/28Conferment of Recognised Teacher Status: Annual Report 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/29a)Annual Report 2012/13
Paper No TLC/13/29b)Proposals for New Prizes
Paper No TLC/13/30a)Revalidation Unit 16B2: Mathematics (UG/JN)
Paper No TLC/13/30b)BSc Hons Dietetics and MSc Dietetics
Paper No TLC/13/30c)BSc Hons Physical Activity, Exercise and Health
Paper No TLC/13/30d)Revalidation Unit 5G: Business and Management
Paper No TLC/13/30e)Revalidation Unit 8A: Economics