16 March 2016


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No LTC/16/1Grade Point Average
Paper No LTC/16/2Report from Course Approval Sub-Committee (3.2.16)
Paper No LTC/16/3Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (25.2.16)
Paper No LTC/16/4Report from Digital Learning Sub-Committee (9.2.16)
Paper No LTC/16/5Report from Professional and Continuing Education Sub-Committee (9.2.16)
Paper No LTC/16/6
Proposals for New and Amended Prizes
Paper No LTC/16/7BSc Hons Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences (Ulster University Award)/BSc Hons Biomedical and Bio-industrial Sciences (IT Sligo Award)/BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences (Joint Ulster University/IT Sligo Award)