14 February 2017


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No LTC/17/1 Draft Terms of Reference and Membership
Paper No LTC/17/2 Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (1.2.17)
Paper No LTC/17/3 Report from Digital Learning Sub-Committee (14.11.16)
Paper No LTC/17/4 Report from Professional and Continuing Education Sub-Committee (15.11.16)
Paper No LTC/17/5a) Certificate of Personal and Professional Development: Annual Review
Paper No LTC/17/5b) Postgraduate Certificate of Postgraduate Development: Annual Review
Paper No LTC/17/6 Report from Widening Access and Community Education Sub-Committee (7.11.16 & 16.1.17)
Paper No LTC/17/7Combined Studies Programme 2015/16: Annual Report