13 December 2011


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No TLC/11/42Teaching and Learning Strategy: Faculty of Arts Draft Action Plan 2011/12
Paper No TLC/11/43Report from Sub-Committee on Employability (23.11.11) Appendix 3
Paper No TLC/11/44Working Group on Plagiarism: Proposed Terms of Reference and Membership
Paper No TLC/11/45External Examining: Expectations of the UK Quality Code for HE; Chapter B7: External Examiners
Paper No TLC/11/46a)Annual Reports from the Chief External Examiners and the Responses from the Campus Co-ordinating Groups
Paper No TLC/11/46b)Annual Report on the Operation and Management of Combined Subjects in 2010/11
Paper No TLC/11/47a)Energy Institute Accreditation Visit
Paper No TLC/11/47b)Joint Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) and Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Paper No TLC/11/48Viewpoints Project: Proposed Implementation Plan
Paper No TLC/11/49Prizes and Awards
Paper No TLC/11/50BEng/MEng Energy and Building Services Engineering Programme