5 December 2019

Academic Planning Advisory Group (APAG)
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/38 Report from the Academic Planning Advisory Group (13.11.19)  
Course Approval
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/39a) Course Approval 2018/19 and 2019/20
ASQEC/19/39b) Extension of Approval: Unit 22B1 Specialist Nursing Post-Registration
ASQEC/19/39c) Extension of Approval: FdSc Paramedic Practice at Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
ASQEC/19/39d) Course Revisions and New Short Course Modules 2019/20  
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation (PSRB)
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/40 PSRB Annual Report 2018/19 and PSRB visits.  
International Foundation Year (IFY)
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/41 Report on Lessons Learnt from the Introduction of the International Foundation Year (IFY)  
Two Year Part-time Foundation Degrees Position Paper
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/42 Position Paper on Two Year Part-Time Foundation Degrees  
External Examiners' Report 2018/19
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/43 Annual Overview Report 2018/19  
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/44 New Prizes  
Combined Studies Programme
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/19/45a) Annual Reports for the Combined Studies Programme 2018/19: Coleraine, Magee and Jordanstown
ASQEC/19/45b) Reports from the Chief External Examiners and the Response from the Campus Co-ordinating Group for Coleraine