4 June 2020


From Academic Planning Advisory Group (APAG)

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/7a)Report from the Academic Planning Advisory Group (March)
ASQEC/20/7b)Report from the Academic Planning Advisory Group (May)

Course Approval

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/8a)Course Approval Paper
ASQEC/20/8b)Final Evaluation / Revalidation Documents 2019/2020
ASQEC/20/8c)Course Revisions and New Short-Course Modules 2019/2020
ASQEC/20/8d)Extension of Approval: Health Social Care
ASQEC/20/8e)Extension of Approval: Access Sciences (NWRC)
ASQEC/20/8f)Extension of Approval: QAHE
ASQEC/20/8g)Extension of Approval: Policing
ASQEC/20/8h)Extension of Approval: PGCE
ASQEC/20/8i)Extension of Approval: Built Environment
ASQEC/20/8j)Extension of Approval: Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise
ASQEC/20/8k) Extension of Approval: Access Diploma SWC
ASQEC/20/8l)Extension of Approval: Access Diploma SRC
ASQEC/20/8m)Extension of Approval: Access Diploma NWRC
ASQEC/20/8n)Extension of Approval: Access Diploma NRC

Departures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/9a)Departure/variation in Healthcare Science
ASQEC/20/9b)Departure/variation in Nursing

Student Surveys

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/10Student Participation in National Surveys 2020

Institutional Approval/Re-approval

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/11a)Institutional Approval: HTMi Singapore
ASQEC/20/11b)Institutional Approval: DUFE
ASQEC/20/12Institutional Re-approval: SRC

Continuous Assurance of Quality Enhancement

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/13Continuous Assurance of Quality Enhancement (CAQE)

Student Administration

Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/14a)Report on Student Appeals and Examinations 2018/19
ASQEC/20/14b)Academic Misconduct in Examination Venues 2018/19


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Proposals for new prizes

Dates of Semesters

Paper NumberTitle

Dates of Semesters: 2025/26