ASQEC - 4 December 2017


Course Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/40a)Report from Academic Planning Advisory Group (21.11.17)
Paper No ASQEC/17/40b)Course Approvals
Paper No ASQEC/17/40c)Course Revisions and New Short-Course Modules
Paper No ASQEC/17/40d)Outstanding Final Evaluation/Revalidation Documents
Paper No ASQEC/17/40e)Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation: Annual Report
Paper No ASQEC/17/41External Examiners' Reports 2016/17: Annual Overview Report
Paper No ASQEC/17/42Meetings of Boards of Examiners by Video-Conference

Combined Studies Programme

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/43a)Annual Report on the Operation and Management of Undergraduate Combined Subjects in 2016/17
Paper No ASQEC/17/43b)Annual Reports from the Chief External Examiners and the Responses from the Campus Co-ordinating Groups


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/44Annual Course Review 2016/17
Paper No ASQEC/17/45Student Partnership Agreement Proposal
Paper No ASQEC/17/46Annual Review of HEA Accredited Provision
Paper No ASQEC/17/47Prizes and Awards