30 November 2018


Course Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/35aReport from the Academic Advisory Group (13.11.18)
Paper No ASQEC/18/35bReport on Recommendations for Approval from Evaluation and Revalidation Panels since 22 October 2018
Paper No ASQEC/18/35cStatement of the Submission of Outstanding Final Evaluation and Revalidation documents from 2017/18
Paper No ASQEC/18/35dProposals for One-Year Extensions to the Periods of Approval for PgCert/PgDip/MSc Nursing [with pathways at MSc stage]: Advanced Nursing Practice (Children's Nursing/Emergency Care/Primary Care) and PgCert/PgDip/MSc Health Promotion and Public Health
Paper No ASQEC/18/35eCourse Revisions and New Short-Course Modules Approved by Faculties and ADDL
Paper No ASQEC/18/35fDepartures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework

Institutional Re-Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/36aReport for the Institutional Re-Approval for HSC Leadership Centre
Paper No ASQEC/18/36bReport for the Institutional Re-Approval for Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT)

Approval of New Outcentres

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/37Proposed Revisions to the Process for Approval of New Outcentres

Examinations and Assessment

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/38aExternal Examiners' Annual Overview Reports 2017/18
Paper No ASQEC/18/38bCode of Practice on Tutoring and Demonstrating by Postgraduate Students - updates
Paper No ASQEC/18/38cCode of Practice on Tutoring and Demonstrating by Postgraduate Students
Paper No ASQEC/18/38dCode of Practice on Tutoring and Demonstrating by Postgraduate Students - responses

Combined Studies Programme

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/39aAnnual Report on the Operation and Management of Undergraduate Combined Subjects in 2017/18
Paper No ASQEC/18/39bAnnual Reports for 2017/18 from the Chief External Examiners for the Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee campuses and the responses from the Campus Co-Ordinating Groups

Annual Course Review

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/18/40Annual Course Review Report 2017/18