ASQEC - 23 October 2017

Course Approval

Course Approval Papers
Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/33a) Report from Academic Planning Advisory Group (27.9.17)
Paper No ASQEC/17/33b) Course Approvals
Paper No ASQEC/17/33c) Course Revisions and New Short-Course Modules
Paper No ASQEC/17/33d) Outstanding Final Evaluation/Revalidation Documents
Paper No ASQEC/17/33e) Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation: Summary Report and Schedule
Paper No ASQEC/17/33f) Validated Provision: Schedule to Ordinance XXVIII: Recognition of Institutions
  Departures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework
Paper No ASQEC/17/33gi) Diploma in Foundation Studies (with named pathways)
Paper No ASQEC/17/33gii) LLM Access to Justice
Paper No ASQEC/17/33giii) MSc Public Service Leadership and Innovation
Paper No ASQEC/17/34 Report from Collaborative Partnerships Forum (4.10.17)
Paper No ASQEC/17/35 Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2017: Report on Outcomes
Paper No ASQEC/17/36 Module Feedback Survey 2016/17: Summary Results

Examinations and Assessment

Examinations and assessment
Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/37a) Examinations and Appeals: Annual Report 2015/16
Paper No ASQEC/17/37b) Plagiarism Offences 2016/17: Annual Report
Paper No ASQEC/17/37c) External Examiner Nominations 2016/17: Annual Report
Paper No ASQEC/17/38 Conferment of Recognised Teacher Status 2016/17: Annual Report

Prizes and Awards

Prizes and awards
Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/17/39a) Annual Report: 2016/17
Paper No ASQEC/17/39b) Proposals for New and Amended Prizes