22 October 2020

Terms of Reference and Membership
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ASQEC/20/17Terms of Reference and Membership of ASQEC for 2020/21.
From Academic Planning Advisory Group (APAG)
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/18Report from the meeting of the Advisory Group held on 3 September 2020.
Course Approval
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ASQEC/20/19a)Report on recommendations for approval from evaluation and revalidation panels since 4 June 2020.
ASQEC/20/19b)Statement on the submission of outstanding final evaluation/ revalidation documents from 2019/20.
ASQEC/20/19c)Course revisions and new short-course modules approved by Faculties and the Distributed Education Board.
ASQEC/20/19d)The Schedule to Ordinance XXVIII: Recognition of Institutions.
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ASQEC/20/20Annual report for 2019/20.
Departures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework
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ASQEC/20/21a)Diploma in Professional Practice (DPP) Award
ASQEC/20/21b)BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practice
ASQEC/20/21c)Specialist Nursing
ASQEC/20/21d)BSc (Hons) Social Work
ASQEC/20/21e)Advanced Diploma in Intelligence Practice
ASQEC/20/21f)MPharm (Hons)
ASQEC/20/21g)MSc Business in Technology
Collaborative Activity
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/22a)Report from the Collaborative Partnerships Forum held on 30 September 2020.
ASQEC/20/22b)Report and terms of reference and membership from the Affiliate College Executive Board (QAHE).
Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/23Report on the outcome of the 2020 PTES survey.
Grade Inflation
Paper NumberTitle
ASQEC/20/24United Kingdom Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) publication: Principles for Effective Degree Algorithm Design.
Examinations and Assessment
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ASQEC/20/25a)Report on Meetings of Boards of Examiners.
ASQEC/20/25b)Annual report for 2019/20 on Plagiarism and Other Forms of Cheating Offences.
ASQEC/20/25c)Annual report for 2019/20 on External Examiner Nominations.
Conferment of Recognised Teacher Status
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ASQEC/20/26Annual report for 2019/20.
Prizes and Awards
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ASQEC/20/27a)Annual report for 2019/20.
ASQEC/20/27b)Proposals for new and amended prizes.