17 June 2019


Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/12Revision to Ordinance XLII Fitness to Practise
Paper No ASQEC/19/13Self-Certification of Illness by Students
Paper No ASQEC/19/14Report from the Academic Planning Advisory Group

Course Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/15aCourse Approval 2018/19
Paper No ASQEC/19/15b

Final Evaluation / Revalidation Documents

Paper No ASQEC/19/15cExtension of Approval: MSc Business Development and Innovation
Paper No ASQEC/19/15dExtension of Approval: FdSc in Horticulture (CAFRE)
Paper No ASQEC/19/15eExtension of Approval: FdEng Civil Engineering (NWRC)
Paper No ASQEC/19/15fExtension of Approval: BSc Hons Biology; MSci Hons Biological Sciences
Paper No ASQEC/19/15gExtension of Approval: PgCert Higher Education Practice
Paper No ASQEC/19/15hExtension of Approval: BSc Hons Business Technology
Paper No ASQEC/19/15iExtension of Approval: Policing Studies (Revalidation unit 26K)
Paper No ASQEC/19/15jExtension of Approval: BSc Hons Interactive Media
Paper No ASQEC/19/15kCourse Revisions and New Short Course Modules 2018/19

Departures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/16aDepartures and Variations: FdSc in Integrative Counselling Practice (Part-time)
Paper No ASQEC/19/16bDepartures and Variations: Undergraduate Law dissertation proposal
Paper No ASQEC/19/16cDepartures and Variations: MSc Dental Disciplines
Paper No ASQEC/19/16dDepartures and Variations: MSc Data Science
Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/17Revision of Revalidation / Evaluation Documentation for 2019/20 
Paper No ASQEC/19/18Continuous Assurance for Enhancement Cycle (CAEC): Review of 2018 Implementation and Plans for Operation in 2019 
Paper No ASQEC/19/19Student Participation in National Surveys 2019 

Quality Enhancement

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/20Report from Collaborative Partnerships Forum held on 10 April 2019
Paper No ASQEC/19/21Continual Assurance of Quality Enhancement (CAQE) for Validated Provision - Pilot Operational Plan
Paper No ASQEC/19/23Proposal for an Affiliate Student status
Paper No ASQEC/19/24Institutional Re-approval: HKU School of Professional and Continuing
Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/25Proposals for new prizes
Paper No ASQEC/19/26Dates of Semesters 2019/20- 2024/25