13 March 2019


Course Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/1aReport from the Academic Planning Advisory Group (24.1.19)
Paper No ASQEC/19/1aiMSc in Dental Disciplines
Paper No ASQEC/19/1bReport on Recommendations for Approval from Evaluation and Revalidation Panels since 30 November 2018
Paper No ASQEC/19/1cStatement on Submission of Final Evaluation and Revalidation Documents for 2017/18 and 2018/19
Paper No ASQEC/19/1dCourse Revisions and New Short-Course Modules Approved by Faculties and ADDL
Paper No ASQEC/19/1eExtension of Approval: PgC Independent Prescribing and MSc Advanced Clinical Optometry
Paper No ASQEC/19/1fExtension of Approval: Access Diploma Social Sciences and Humanities: South West College
Paper No ASQEC/19/1gExtension of Approval: Access Diploma Adult Learning with Pathways: Southern Regional College
Paper No ASQEC/19/1hExtension of Approval: MA Journalism and MA International Journalism: Hostile Environment Reporting

Departures and Variations from the University's Regulatory Framework

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/2Departures and Variations in BSc (Hons) and MSc Dietetics

Proposed Amendments to Ordinance on Fitness for Professional Practice

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/3A paper on the Proposed Amendments to Ordinance on Fitness for Professional Practice

Revision of Regulations for the Classification of Integrated Master's Courses

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/4A paper regarding the introduction of third class Honours

English Language Policy

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/5A paper from the Qualifications Working Group (Global Engagement) regarding English Language Policy

Continuous Assurance for Enhancement Cycle (CAEC)

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/6Annual Report (2017/18): Continuous Assurance for Enhancement Cycle

Institutional Re-Approval

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/7aReport for the Institutional Re-Approval of Northern Ireland Prison Service College (NIPSC)
Paper No ASQEC/19/7bReport for the Institutional Re-Approval of Northern Ireland Police College (NIPC)

Collaborative Partnerships Forum

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/8Report from the meeting of the Collaborative Partnerships Forum held on 23.1.19

Annual Course Review 2017/18

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/9A report on the adequacy of follow-up to the review findings

Student Administration

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/10Annual Report on Appeals and Examinations: 2017/18

Prizes and Awards

Paper NumberTitle
Paper No ASQEC/19/11Proposals for new and amended prizes