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Ben Walsby PhD Student

Transitional Justice Institute
 Picture of Ben   Walsby

Start date: October 2015

Title of project: 'The Levantine context: factors affecting transitional justice in Syria'

Ben holds a law degree from Liverpool University and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the Human Rights Centre at Essex University, both in the UK. He previously worked as a Human Rights Officer for the United Nation's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for eight years in Darfur, Southern Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. These roles provided a close-up on the impact of transitional justice initiatives, or lack thereof, in post conflict settings. The research project he is embarking on was inspired by his work in conflict-ridden Syria, where he was a Human Rights Officer with Kofi Annan's ceasefire monitoring mission (UNSMIS) in 2012 and a Human Rights Investigator for the UN Human Rights Council's Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria from 2012–2013. Ben feels that Syria specific transitional justice expertise will assist international efforts to make a positive impact in Syria one day. His research examines factors likely to affect transitional justice initiatives in Syria.  Ben was drawn to the Transitional Justice Institute by its expertise and its reputation for impact.