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Dr Avila Kilmurray

Visiting Scholar

Research Institute
Transitional Justice Institute
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Dr Avila Kilmurray as appointed Visiting Professor at Ulster in 2015. Avila's academic qualifications include BA (Hons) History & Politics, University College Dublin (1973); MA International Relations, Australian National University (1975) and PhD, Institute of Governance, Queens University Belfast (2009).  Avila holds an Honorary Doctorate, Social Sciences from QUB (2013).  She has worked in the voluntary/community sector in Northern Ireland since 1975, focusing on community development, women's issues and peacebuilding.  Appointed Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (1994-2014), Avila currently works as Director - Policy & Strategy, Global Fund for Community Foundations.  Avila was a founder, and active, member of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition.

Research publications

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